What Contractors Actualyl Do

Step 1 : Consultation

Our home design process begins with a quick phone consultation to see if we’re the right fit for your project, whether it’s a basement apartment to a multi-million dollar renovation. During our call, we’ll discuss a rough estimate for a timeline and budget so we can help you imagine what is possible so we can bring your dream home to life in a way that’s uniquely yours.

Step 2 : On-Site Visit

After our initial phone conversation, we’ll have an on-site visit to go over every detail, your concerns, and gather a more in-depth scope for your project, including brainstorming solutions for potential challenges that may arise. This meeting will also give us the opportunity to decide if we want to work together. There is no pressure to work together, as we want to ensure that we’re the right fit for your project. But, if all parties are happy, we will move on to the next phase of the design process.

What Contractors Actualyl Do
What Contractors Actualyl Do

Step 3 : Coordinate with Designers and Architects

Next, we will coordinate with our talented and creative team of designers and architects, who will create detailed plans that will bring your vision to life. Our trusted partners will take the time to listen to your concerns and goals, which will help them design a space that suits your wants and needs. Our project managers will be involved every step of the way and can even suggest new technology, building alternatives, and green solutions that can add further value to your home.

Step 4 : Budgeting and Permits

Once you’ve approved the plans and drawings, we will coordinate with our trusted tradespeople who will provide you with an accurate quote, expectations for permits, and a timeline for the project.

What Contractors Actualyl Do
What Contractors Actualyl Do

Step 5 : Finalizing Design Decisions

Next we will have you review the quote and timeline and our designers and architects will make any additional variations, revisions, or adjustments to ensure the project is on budget and on schedule.

Step 6 : Pre-Construction

Our team will now arrange tradespeople, supplies, and permits so that once construction starts it continues smoothly and efficiently. This includes coordinating with neighbours, security fencing, tree protection, waste disposal, temporary washroom facilities (if needed), and the city permit department. We will also make any final adjustments for design decisions with the architect and designer so construction can commence.

What Contractors Actualyl Do
What Contractors Actualyl Do

Step 7 : Construction

Now the fun begins! Whether you are a hands-on client and want to be fully engaged or you desire minimal involvement, we specialize in making your dream home a reality. Our dedicated project manager will coordinate every element of the project to ensure quality and that the project is on schedule. The project manager will also make certain that each element of the project aligns with your grand vision, while the onsite supervisor will ensure the quality of the project and oversee the day-to-day management. You will also have access to an Exel document that will show you the progress of the plans so you can see where every penny is going.

Step 8 : Project Completion

Once we’ve addressed any concerns you have, we will ask you to spend a few weeks in your new home and see how everything fits together. After this, we will come back to remedy any concerns and make adjustments as needed. We are proud to guarantee our work and we want our clients to be as excited about their new home as we are.

What Contractors Actualyl Do

With Focus Construction’s owner Tim Mail serving as our contractor and project manager, we subcontract all our tradespeople and labour workers. We only work with dedicated professionals with years of experience who value quality and client-centric services. Everyone we work with is trusted and they come with strong references from past projects. Tim coordinates closely with each of these partners to ensure that everyone works seamlessly together.

Tim grew up building homes with his dad and has completed many projects with his wife. Because of this, he understands how personal and emotional building a home can be. Tim is there every step of the way so he can lend his experienced guidance while being transparent and honest as he oversees the project.

While it depends on the job and budget, we work with architects as well as design firms that are capable of handling permits and structural drawings to bring your vision to life.

We use a transparent cost-plus model, which means all fees are disclosed with our clients from the beginning and any adjustments or price changes are shared before construction begins and the client signs off on them.

We have a shared Excel project sheet that shows our clients where every single penny goes and all profits made by every partner. We use this model, instead of fixed costs because we want our clients to be aware of all the costs associated with their choices and selections. Unfortunately, some contractors aren’t always transparent with their fees, which means clients are often blindsided with a larger bill at the end of the project, which impacts their experience, satisfaction, and happiness.

At Focus Construction, we care about you and your family and vision. It’s our job to give you the transparency you deserve so you can bring your dream home to life.

“It was a pleasure working with Tim at Focus Construction. I am extremely happy and very satisfied with the completion of my house build. Given the challenges he faced throughout the entire project – especially through Covid – the quality of work did not suffer. Tim was very open-minded, excelled at problem-solving, and very supportive and protective of me as the owner in dealing with the trades used to build my house. Overall, Tim and Focus Construction was the best choice for me. If I ever build another house, Tim would be the first person I would call,” — Steve Wasylyszyn.

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