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It's important to work with someone you trust to be honest and communicative, provide high quality work and be capable of handling any issues that may arise.

There are better times of year to do certain exterior tasks (ie. weather proofing, roofing, etc.) in order to minimize costs and ensure the highest quality. Most interior work can be accomplished all year round.

Typically kitchens, bathrooms and painting have the greatest return on your investment. The answer to this question also depends the particulars of your home, what's happening in your local market and who will likely be buying it down the road.

This is a personal decision that depends on budget, scope of work being completed and timeline. Generally it's less stressful and far more efficient to complete a larger project with an vacant house. However we are happy to accommodate what works best for you and pride ourselves on flexibility in meeting our clients needs.

We understand that it's important to you to maintain a good relationship with your neighbours during the process. Hopefully they agree that by you improving your property you are actually helping their property value! Focus is able speak to neighbours directly about their concerns and always strives to minimize the disturbance by respecting by-law working hours and keeping your site clean.

Of course! We work with talented interior designers and reputable architects suited to a variety of needs and styles. Some people love picking out each detail of their renovation from floor plan to backsplash and others prefer to have the entire package provided for them to suit their taste. We are able to coordinate your project whether you are a DIY type or want to work with a top architect or designer.

More About Us

Reliable and honest communication from start to finish. We take pride in our work and strive to exceed expectations every time. Because we are a family business you can expect us to be really hands on and paying attention to every detail.

We value honesty and won't underbid just to get the job. We set realistic quotes and ensure that our clients understand each aspect of their project. We are relied on to give practical timelines and complete projects on time.

FOCUS Construction GTA is based in and services the Greater Toronto Area.

Yes. We provide a 1 year warranty for all our work!

We are fully insured.


For renovations that involve adding or moving plumbing or changing any structural components (moving a wall or putting in a window), then permits are required. Some people elect not to get permits but this puts them at risk of receiving a city issued stop work order delaying a renovation until permits are obtained. We’re here to help you navigate the permit process.

Yes, you definitely do! Should your plans not strictly meet local building by-laws, you may need to apply for a “minor variance” in order to be granted a building permit.  We will provide the assistance and expertise to get your permit or minor variances approved.

It depends on the scope and type of project. Simple changes can have permits approved in a couple weeks or a few months where as Minor Variances can take 4+ months. It depends on which city building department you are working with and how complicated the work is.

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